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Cub Scout Advancement

All Cub Scouts work through their books each year to earn their rank. We call this Advancement. The following information will help you understand a little bit about what is involved during each year of Scouting. Links to detailed information are provided for each rank.

Note: Links will open a new browser window with badge requirements

When the girls and boys have completed the requirements for their rank, and their leader has verified the completion, the  girl or boy and their adult partner will be asked to come forward during the following Pack meeting (usually the 3rd Tuesday of the month). The badge is presented to the adult partner, who then pins it onto the Cub Scout's uniform. In Pack 211, we have a special way of celebrating when girls and boys advance in rank (but you have to be at a Pack meeting to hear it)!  Girls and Boys can also work on electives within their rank (see each page for these), or earn other Special Awards. Whatever her/his choice, Cub Scouts offers many opportunities to a boy and his family.