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My favorite memory was a lot of things combined.  Talking to new/more people this year, more landmarks, being in leadership, Patrol Olympics and the scavenger hunt.

Singing in the kitchen while doing dishes was lovely.  Such a fun time.  My Patrol had no fights at all.  Very low drama with the girls.

Bonding with many people in my Patrol this year; it added to the 'girl scout experience.'

My favorite memory might be the boat ride.  We all got to relax and take a break.  We all got to socialize too.  Also, not a lot of people get to go under the bridge.

I am a picky eater and never had a problem with food!  Yum.

The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed how my Patrol came together by working like that.  I also enjoyed flags, it was exciting to be able to do barracks flag.

Taking pictures on the bus.

Hiking around the Island.

Relaxing upstairs and talking about my day with friends.

Winning the incentives, Patrol Olympics, and the map game--I liked meeting people from around the world.

Getting to know all of the girls on a more personal level.  This was difficult at training, but on the Island it was a lot of fun.

There are many fun crafts to do.

Going to town with friends.

Busy days.  I loved being with my Patrol. 

Our creepy visitor on the front lawn (sculpture of Gerald Ford).  Also, all the fun times with my patrol and my friends.

Going to the tea room, serving at Governor's.

Some of the Scouts' High Points from their week on the Island: